Back-Pain Exercises

Exercises to relieve pain and strengthen the back

Dr. Silverman possesses the expertise to evaluate your injury and design a personalized program to meet your individual needs.  Most importantly, he guides you in the exercises to implement physical function and well-being.

He utilizes cutting-edge research in the field of core activation for back-pain therapy.  As a featured lecturer in seminar throughout the world, his reputation as an innovator is supported by published articles in professional journals throughout the field.

Below are some of Dr. Silverman’s exercises for core activation to alleviate back-pain.

1 – Curl-up for Beginners

  • Trains the rectus abdominis
  • Starting posture is lying supine with your hands supporting lumbar spine
  • Bend one leg
  • Do not flatten back to floor
  • Head and neck unit locked onto the ribcage
  • Elbows remain on the floor while elevating the head, with shoulders slightly off the floor
  • Rotation focused on the mid-thoracic region
  • For those with neck discomforts, place tongue on the roof of the mouth.
  • This helps stabilize the neck muscle patterns

2 - Side-Bridge for Beginners

  • Training quadratus lumborum, lateral obliques and transverse abdominus
  • Above mentioned muscles are spine stabilizers
  • Abdominal bracing at all levels
  • Starting position is on the side
  • Use down-side shoulder and elbow to elevate upper body (see pic.)
  • Top leg is in front of bottom leg (heel of lead foot to toe of bottom foot)
  • The free hand caps the opposite shoulder

3 – Bird-Dog

  • Training back extensors (including longissimus, iliocostalis and multifidii)
  • Ab brace
  • Raise opposite arm and leg simultaneously (see pic.)

Curl-up for Intermediate/Advanced

  • Pre-brace abs (only advanced)
  • Lift elbows (intermediate and advanced)
  • Push tongue to roof of mouth
  • Raise head and shoulders slightly

Side-Bridge for Intermediate/Advanced

  • Upper body same as beginner
  • Hip-hinge to bring lower body off floor (see pic.)
  • Advanced - ability to roll into other positions (i.e. front plank – see pic.)

Dr. Silverman has played an instrumental role in the development of numerous athletes from my program. Integrating his professional nutrition plan with the physical abilities training we offer has undoubtedly given the BX athlete a significant edge on their competition.

Rob Baxter President of Operations, BX Player Development Group

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