OptoJump Next

It is an innovative system of analysis and measurement that brings a new philosophy of assessment and optimization of performance to the world of competitive sport: it is designed for the development of a specific and customized training program for the athlete, based exclusively on precise objective data.

By acquiring the fundamental parameters that characterize the level of an individual’s performance and physical condition, Optojump Next allows coaches, trainers and researchers to constantly test and monitor their athletes. This makes it possible to ascertain the abilities or physical fitness of an athlete in a simple and immediate way, creating over time a real database that makes it possible to compare values for that athlete or different athletes (even at a distance of months or years).

Quantity and Quality

Optojump Next goes beyond the acquisition of numerical data: thanks to small cameras that can be positioned as desired, it allows recording of the images of the tests performed, synchronising them perfectly with the events measured. This makes it possible to enjoy the advantages of cross-checking between data and images and also those deriving from more detailed video analysis through the exploitation of the possibilities offered by the dedicated utility.

The film sequences and all the other data are saved in the database. This makes it possible to consult them at any moment and, as with numerical data, to make comparisons between the performances of different athletes or of the same athlete at different moments.

OptoJump works by using a complex system of sensors and tests to determine the exact physical condition and capabilities of athletes, with much more accuracy than traditional measurements of weight, height, and blood pressure. The technology also allows Northeastern's athletic directors to easily record and monitor the progress of their players, as well as chart recovery from injuries, a major concern for many sports departments. The data provided by OptoJump's biomechanical assessment systems also allows for the development of specialized training programs for athletes based on their strengths and weaknesses.

If you are a serious athlete or a person serious about their health, there is no better person or Nutritionist than Dr. Silverman. He is by far the most knowledgeable person I have ever met in regards to using nutrition to enhance your performance in either athletics or just your everyday life.

Jessica DePalo former Division 1 Basketball Player, Named Patriot League Player of the Year

Using the Optojump, Dr. Silverman makes it possible:

  • to assess an athlete’s performance and physical condition
  • to rapidly identify any muscular deficiencies and measure tolerance to various work loads
  • to develop customized and diversified training based on the test results
  • to periodically check the results of training
  • to create a database of athletes in order to compare them with each other or to compare the results of a particular athlete in different periods of time in order to objectively determine the results of training
  • to examine the physical condition of an athlete after an injury, to develop specific actions for rehabilitation and check its progress
  • to motivate athletes by giving them tangible proof of the progress made, thus stimulating fruitful competition inside the group
  • to significantly reduce the trainer’s workload, at the same time allowing him/her to retrieve at any time the results of tests performed even months before
  • to make use of an objective “judgment” when talent-scouting or choosing athletes
  • and much more…

Who uses Optojump

  1. Renaud Lavillenie, London Olympics 2012 pole vault Gold Medalist
  2. The U.S. Olympic Team, Lolo Jones
  3. Christophe Lemaitre, jung french sprinter, 2010 European Champion of 100 m, 200 m and the 4 x 100 m relay; he's the first Caucasian to break the 10-second barrier (9,97") in an officially timed event
  4. Waisale Serevi, arguably the greatest Rugby 7's player of all time, runs a Rugby Academy in the Pacific Northwest
  5. Northeastern University Athletics program
  6. Dayron Robles, 110m hurdles, Olympic Champion
  7. China National Teams of Rugby, Basket, femal soccer, fence

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