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December 13, 2022

Your immune system is one of the most dynamic and vital systems in your body.

To function optimally, however, it needs your help. Did you know that unhealthy nutrition, lack of sleep, and poor stress management can have a negative impact on the responsiveness of your immune system? Are you taking action through lifestyle changes, food choices, and nutritional supplementation to optimize your immunity?

Bestselling author of Inside-Out Health, Dr. Robert Silverman returns with the everyday guidance you need to boost your immune health. His new book, Immune Reboot, delves into the science behind a properly functioning immune system, and shares evidence-based protocols to help you build better immunity— all in one comprehensive, yet easily digestible guide.

In Immune Reboot, you'll learn:
* How to recalibrate your lifestyle to bolster your immune system.
* Why a healthy gut is essential for a healthy immune system.
* The fundamental supplements for rejuvenating your immunity.
* How to implement a 7(R) Action Plan to restore gut health.
* What autoimmunity is — and how to fend it off.
* Immune strategies and treatment protocols for COVID-19.
* Natural treatments for long-haulers syndrome.

It also includes more than 40 delicious immune-boosting recipes, so you can get started on a path to heightened immunity today!

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A revolutionary new approach to healing and health.

Conventional medicine treats symptoms, not systems. Chances are you're being treated for your health issues from the outside in, in ways that only mask the real problems.

In his new book Inside-Out Health: A Revolutionary Approach to Your Body, Dr. Rob Silverman shows you exactly how to turn your health around in an entirely new and different way.


“In this book,” says Dr. Rob, “I’ll be challenging the conventional protocols for treating almost all common health issues. I’ll be recommending treatments such as detoxification that work from the inside out to treat the underlying cause of many health concerns...As I like to tell my patients, you can see the trunk, branches, and leaves of a tree, but there’s just as much of a tree underground as above ground. When you see a tree, you see leaves. The leaves are the symptom, the tree is the external system, and the roots are the internal system. No system is one-way or completely separate from every other system in your body.”

Dr. Rob Silverman thinks differently. A practitioner of functional nutrition, he believes that healing and vibrant good health come from a holistic approach. In Inside-Out Health: A Revolutionary Approach to Your Body, he shows you exactly how to turn your health around in an entirely new and different way.

Take charge and improve your wellbeing with actionable steps you can do yourself, starting now.

In this book you'll learn:

  • How gut bacteria affect your entire body and how to change them for the better
  • How to rid yourself of accumulated toxins and give yourself new energy and focus
  • How to reduce inflammation and help prevent heart disease and cancer
  • How to lose weight through simple lifestyle changes, not dieting
  • How sitting less and moving more can improve musculoskeletal health--and lengthen your life
  • How laser therapy can help relieve pain and restore range of motion
  • How to achieve optimal bone and joint health
  • How prompt use of a nutritional protocol can help heal concussion

The inside-out solutions Dr. Rob presents are simple, cost-effective, and use no drugs. They're the answer to long-term health issues and the path to a healthy, happy, disease-­free future.